June Instagram Story

What’s your style?

  1. Click the “Customize on Canva” button below.
  2. Replace the placeholder picture on the last image with a portrait of yourself.
  3. Download all the images.
  4. When posting to your Instagram story, add a poll sticker with the text “What’s your style?” on images 2-5.
  5. Publish to your story and wait for followers to engage with your polls!

How do I create an Instagram story?

Open Instagram and swipe right (or tap the camera icon in the upper left). Then, tap the box in the lower left to use an image from your phone.

How do I add a poll?

Once you’ve added an image, tap the box with the smiley face on it in the upper right (to the left of the squiggle). Then search “Poll”, and a little box with the word “Poll” on it will appear in the search results. Tap that box and edit the text, reposition the box, and you’re good to go!


Want to customize the designs or add your own photographs?

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